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Energetic Relationships in Birth

What happens energetically when we interact with others? What is this interactive energy? Where does it come from? What do we mean when we say the energy was ‘intense’ or ‘good’ or ‘heavy’? What contributes to ‘birth energy’?

When we come into relationship with someone or something, there is an energetic exchange. Everything we experience in relation to our self, others, and our environment, provokes a response in us. Doug Southern, relationship counsellor and therapist, describes this interaction in his paper, ‘Body In Relationship’: ‘That moment of meeting is a meeting between bodies. The reaction of each to the other is an embodied reaction to sight, sound, smell, use of space, and energy in which physical, emotional and mental are all active.’

Our embodied response to each dynamic encounter is transmuted into feelings, thoughts, words, and actions, all of which carry an energetic ‘charge’. When our words and actions are congruent with our thoughts and feelings, we communicate clearly. If we mask or suppress our thoughts and feelings with incongruent words and actions, we may confuse others with our ‘mixed messages’. For example, we are feeling anxious and distressed yet pretending to our friends that we are okay. Usually, our body language or tone of voice will give us away, but some people are adept at hiding or even denying their thoughts and true feelings.

Each encounter is also energetically charged and affected by our intentions, conscious or not. Freedom or constraint in the flow of interactive energy is a direct expression of our intentions in each moment of the relationship.

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